Thursday, June 27, 2013

Monday journal entry

I loved the ferry ride last night.   It was not much bigger than the ferries we used to take to Madeline Island when I was a kid, but the ocean is much wavier than Madeline Island.  So, even though it was a relatively calm night, you couldn't really walk around.  I was grateful that Jeff was not with me - there was no way he would have been able to stay in his chair on those rolling seas.    I was taking scopolamine, so I wasn't sick, and we were headed right into this beautiful sunset and I loved the salt spray on my face.   I've been reading some about early travel to Hawaii and I had a new appreciation for what it would mean to set out on a boat  in those early days.  I was reminded of something that I think Jack London said to a young man traveling with him this leaky boat of his,  when they were making for Oahu - "Don't be afraid, we're only two miles from solid ground."  When the young man asked where, London pointed down, to the bottom of the ocean!

There was some confusion with getting set up in housing, but due to the kindness of strangers, it all worked out - got a ride to the parsonage from a musician named Bully (or Billy? sure sounded like Bully) I met on the ferry who got directions from a woman at the church, when we arrived, we found the car and the keys inside that had been left by another church members.   The only problem is that in the all the confusion of calling, having to charge up my phone in the ferry parking lot and it being dark and me being pretty tired from a long day of traveling by then was that I lost my phone.  I don't care that much about being able to call, but it also is my only camera, so I would like to have it back.

Luckily, I know where Bully is playing tomorrow over lunch time, so I'm going over there to hear him play and hopefully will find my phone.  There may not be even one stop light in Molokai (as the locals and the tourist books delight to tell you) but that doesn't mean that they are free from satellites here.  Jeff told me he found the phone by a purple house, which I'm assuming is Bully's  I drove by it today, but could not recognize his truck, so I'll catch up with tomorrow and do a more thorough search.

(Happy ending.  Bully DID have my phone AND I got to hear some great music!)

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