Friday, May 24, 2013

Favorite Movie

Last night we watched one of E's favorite movies, Arthur Christmas, which we take out occasionally no matter the season.  It has a sweet (but not treacly) story and some good performances and that particular kind of British humor that makes us both laugh, so it holds up whatever time of year it happens to be.

If you ask me what my favorite movie is, I always say Singin In the Rain although years go by in between viewings.  It's partly because there's nothing more funny than Make Em Laugh. Unless it's a pie in the face, and Singin In the Rain has that too!  It's partly because I heard that Gene Kelly had pneumonia and a fever of - what was it?  102? - when he shot the iconic dance scene.  And I heard too that Debbie Reynolds and Donald O'Conner grin at each other at the end of Good Morning because they had done it so many times that their toes were actually! bleeding!  and they knew they finally nailed it.   But mostly it's my favorite movie because of the first time I saw it, at Rebecca Katz's house one afternoon after school.

It was the day early into seventh grade when mean girls in choir put the sticky side of a menstrual pad (unused, thank God for small mercies) on my back.  I don't remember anything else about what followed (thank God again for the small mercy of selective memory) except for this.  It was Rebecca who brought me lunch where I was crying alone in the counselor's office.  What I most remember from that day is her tiny, fierce, compassionate face and her words: "Can you come home with me after school?  I have a movie I think you should watch."  I only realized later what a very big deal it was that she skipped ballet to extend that invitation.

Do you have a favorite movie?  Would love to hear about it if so.


  1. Thanks for "surfing" as you are. Way to go Rebecca . . . and to you for accepting the "very big deal" Invitation.

  2. I had forgotten this story (if I ever even knew it in the first place). How wonderful. Three cheers for Becca and the healing power of singing, dancing and friendship.